Funded by the Development Programme
for Rural Areas

The project " Machine investments, installations and equipment " is funded by the „Development Programme for Rural Areas” (ELR) (EFRE 2014 - 2020)

Machine investments, installations and equipment for E+K Sortiersysteme GmbH

Target of the project:
Introduction of more corrosion resistant systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes

Description of the project:
E+K Sortiersysteme GmbH develops and manufactures sorting, conveying and feeding systems. The company is currently implementing more corrosion-resistant systems for pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. The funding will enable the construction of a production facility and investment in machinery.

This funding contains EU-funds from the programme "Innovation and energy transition" EFRE 2014 - 2020 from the funding section "Spitze auf dem Land! Technologieführer Baden-Württemberg" oft he development programme for rural areas. "Investment for your future."
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