Virtuality meets reality - packaging processes 4.1

E+K at the 3. Packaging Valley Days

The Packaging Valley member companies invite you

Packaging Valley Days, an international conference in the packaging industry which was specifically initiated by Packaging Valley, takes place every three years. During the two day event, experts and industry monitors speak about industry trends and newest developments in and around the packaging industry and machine manufacture. Gain insights first hand from lectures by experts and discussion forums, as well taking advantage of the opportunity to meet and greet with managing directors of packaging companies.

The conference at the first day includes lectures by experts and discussion forums.

At the second day there are facility tours at member companies.

Also E+K opens ist doors for you.

It presents high-performance centrifuge for backstops in syringe assembly and vibration table for carpules. This allows the separation and handling of unstable objects made of glass.

Another highlight: High-performance linear sorting for solid stoppers.

Look forward!