Frequency controllers

The E+K Sortiersysteme frequency controllers allow an optimal and easy adjustable control of vibratory drives with minimal efforts on the mechanical adjustment of the feeder along with reduced wiring outlay.

Frequency Controller


- modular design
- up to eight object definitions
- minimal wiring outlay
- cabinet version with plug connection extensible to up to four drive outputs
- PROFIBUS-version available


- EKS-800-G controller for one drive box version
- EKS-866-G controller for up to three drives box version
- EKS-800-S controller for one drive cabinet version
- EKS-080-S extension module for one additional drive cabinet version


- input voltage 110-250V 50/60 Hz
- output frequency 30Hz-250Hz in 0,1Hz-steps
- output amplitude 0-100% in 0,1%- steps
- control input for sensor including adjustable ramps and delays
- control output for operantion display (to PLC)
- error output for malfunction information (to PLC)
- potential-free contact for external peripherals


  • Cabinet version IP20
  • Box version IP54
  • Product overview EKS