Vibratory Drives

E+K Sortiersysteme vibratory drives for the sorting, hopper & bunker and feeding technology for the gentle feeding and discharge of bulk material.

Linear Vibratory Drives


- high reliability
- easy cleaning
- individual feeding output
- low noise generation
- easy maintenance
- suitable for isolator
- modular construction
- curved constuction available


Depending on your request, we can offer you the following housings for our vibratory drives:
- partial housing
- full housing
- Isolator version
The isolator version is the highest class of the clean room technology offering the advantages of product and operator protection as well as production safety.

With years of experience and lean production processes, we are able to meet your individual requirements quickly. If no drive from our standard program matches your needs, we develop the right solution to solve your problem.


  • Basic SFA and full housing
  • Projectspecific SFA length 900mm
  • Size examples SFA