Sorting Technology

Our sorting bowls make sure that the material is fed in the correct position for further processing. Depending on the objects to be fed and the technical requirements to be met, we offer customers suitable sorting bowls.

Sorting Technology


- version according to GMP and pharmaceutical guidelines (stainless steel 1.4404 or 1.4435)
- user-friendly design
- ergonomic and space-saving
- flexible and customized
- easily accessible
- easy maintenance and cleaning
- quick size change
- individual feeding output
- version and size depend on objects, sorting position, capacity and others


- conical - KSE
- cylindrical - ZSE
- step-shaped - SSE


- middle fastening
- exterior fastening
- electric quick-fastening system ESSP
- Vacuum fastening


- glass bead blasted
- electro-polished
- surfaces and coatings upon request


- material certificates
- material documentation EN 10204-3.1
- test certificate of the approved welder
- surface roughness measurement
- delta ferrite content measurement


  • KSE with LF-perforation
  • SSE
  • KSE glass bead blasted with compressed air support
  • Bowl-in-bowl
  • KSE
  • ZSE