Feeding systems for assembly processes in medical technology

Assembly is of crucial importance in the field of medical technology and diagnostics. Each component must be positioned correctly and precisely and connected securely to ensure the reliability, safety and quality of medical technology and diagnostics products. Our feeding systems are designed to offer maximum process stability in these sensitive assembly environments, as even the smallest deviations can lead to production downtime, rejects or reduced OEE.

Compliance with pharmaceutical guidelines and laws is essential. Our feeding systems are designed with a risk assessment and criticality approach in mind and comply with regulations such as cGMP, CFR and GAMP. With customized solutions for your specific requirements, we provide you with flexible options, whether for pick & place tasks or complex assembly processes.

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Centrifugal Sorter

Read about the challenges and our approach to developing a high-performance sorting solution for medical products.


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System qualification in medical technology assembly

Only FDA-approved materials are used in all product-contact areas of our feeding systems, guaranteeing the safety and reliability of your products for medical technology and diagnostics. E+K also offers a comprehensive range of necessary documentation for system qualification. Our GMP services guarantee both a GMP-compliant development process and compliance with strict specifications, guidelines, standards and laws.

To increase the efficiency of your assembly processes, our E+K sorting and feeding systems have a high feeding capacity and adaptability thanks to flexible format changes. We follow the highest standards to ensure that our feeding systems not only meet quality requirements, but also offer optimum performance.

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Sorting and Feeding

We work with efficient and gentle sorting and feeding technology at the highest level. We offer solutions for low quantities as well as high-performance. With us, you receive the most advanced technologies and entire feeding systems from a single source!


Centrifugal Technology

Vibration Technology

Custom Machines

Thanks to our specialization, flexibility, and many years of experience, we can provide custom designs. Additional functions, such as inspection, assembly, or other handling tasks, can be added to our feeding systems.





No matter whether you need vibratory drives, storage solutions or additional control elements: For all our products, custom accessory can be acquired.


Frequency Control Unit

Vibratory Drives


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