Sorting & feeding of filled objects

Our sorting and feeding technology ensures the gentle feeding of vials, cylinder ampoules and other containers from a filling process into downstream processes such as labeling, as well as components such as plunger rods, backstops, needle protection systems or finger flanges into syringe assembly processes. Advanced technologies are used specifically to ensure product safety, efficiency and the necessary precision to handle even fragile objects optimally. With more than 20 years of experience, we find customized solutions for your individual requirements.

Our expertise guarantees efficient handling of objects in sterile processes as well as high performance and flexibility in sensitive environments. We also offer cGMP-compliant qualification of the systems.

Pharmaceutical assembly & labeling applications

Pharmaceutical assembly and labeling play a central role in the manufacturing process of medical products and are therefore at the heart of the production chain. The choice of sorting and feeding technology is determined by the objects to be processed. The feeding process includes the buffering of objects between filling, assembly and labeling as well as the careful handling and transport of filled pharmaceuticals such as vials and cartridges (cylindrical ampoules), as well as objects for syringe assembly such as plunger rods, back-stops, safety devices and finger flanges.

Sorting and feeding

We work with efficient and gentle sorting and feeding technology at the highest level. We offer solutions for low quantities and up to the high-performance range. With E+K Sortiersysteme, you receive the most advanced technologies and the entire feeding system from a single source!


Centrifugal Technology

Vibration Technology


No matter whether you need vibratory drives, storage solutions or additional control elements: For all our products, custom accessory can be acquired.


Frequency control unit

Vibratory Drives


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