Innovative bulk material supply for efficient production

Discover our advanced storage solutions! They provide automatic and sufficient supply for machine processing. Our storage systems set standards for ergonomic filling, the gentle handling of parts and precise dosing. We offer different concepts and customized solutions for a wide range of customer requirements.

We focus on product protection and ergonomic filling heights using lifting systems or elevators. Thus, we not only provide reliable systems but also constant filling quantities as well as precise dosing to increase overall system efficiency. Surfaces that are in contact with products are made of stainless steel to meet the highest quality standards and hygienic requirements, for instance in the medical sector.

Depending on customer requirements, we offer various storage solutions, including conveyor channels, bunker channels, belt systems, and elevators.

Applications of Our Storage Systems

Our storage solutions are crucial to the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to excellent surface quality and custom placement of sensors and handles. We offer cGMP Annex1-compliant solutions for isolator & RABS systems. Quick clamping systems significantly reduce set-up times.


Our elevators are ergonomically flexible, including adjustable filling and discharge heights. Large volumes in the elevator and optional additional belt systems offer a high level of autonomy. We provide different designs, specifically for each industry – from food to pharmaceuticals. Our solutions are rounded off by excellent accessibility and easy cleaning, supported by the use of FDA-compliant materials.

Sample Project: Centrifugal Sorter

Read about our approach to developing a high-performance sorting solution for medical products and the challenges that came with our project.

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