Vibratory drives for sorting, storage, and conveyor technology

E+K vibratory drives handle sensitive materials carefully and convey bulk goods efficiently. Thanks to their flexibility, they are versatile and thus fit for different types of movement while requiring less space than other types of drives. On top of that, they are low-maintenance, durable, and cost-efficient. Conclusively, vibratory drives ensure reliable and efficient material handling in various industrial applications.

Our vibratory drives are designed for both linear (vibratory conveyor drive SFA) and circular (circular vibratory drive EMSE) movements. They combine reliability, easy cleaning and maintenance, and low noise levels. Moreover, they are suitable for isolators. Additional flexibility is provided as our drives can be disassembled without the help of tools; furthermore, there is the option of a stainless-steel design for the base bodies and retaining parts. Depending on the area of application as well as payload, different sizes are available.

Areas of application for E+K vibratory drives

All E + K systems that include vibration use our vibratory drives. They can be used in various industries, including aseptic applications in isolators.

Our vibratory drives come in partial or full enclosures; the latter can also be sealed to the floor. Our isolator-compatible design complies with the highest clean room standards and ensures product and operator protection as well as maximum production safety. Format parts such as conveyor channels, tracks, and sorting pots can be mounted in various ways among them vacuum quick fastening, screw fastening, clamp fastening as well as external, central, electrical, vacuum, and pneumatic quick fastening. Due to their versatility, our products can be used in various areas of application.

Project example: Linear sorting

Read our success story about the development of a linear sorting system for a sterile filling process.

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