Feasibility studies at E+K Sortiersysteme

E+K offers feasibility studies for complex tasks and requirements that are associated with high technical risks. Feasibility studies can range from a detailed expert assessment to digital methods and practical test set-ups. Our investigations are designed to gain comprehensive insights, minimize risks, and develop innovative concepts with stable processes.


The objectives of our feasibility studies are clearly defined:

Risk reduction: We identify and minimize potential risks through a comprehensive analysis, prior to execution.

Building trust in supplier-customer relationships: Transparent and cooperative development processes strengthen the relationship between supplier and customer.

Providing reliable concepts: Our investigations provide a reliable basis for optimal planning and execution.

Validation of concepts: Post-development, out concepts are tested and evaluated by experts to ensure their quality and validity.


E+K Sortiersysteme cooperates closely with its customers to offer a comprehensive approach to feasibility studies:


Analysis of components: We examine complex components to test and make sure they are suitable for automation and can be integrated into customized concepts.

Cooperative development projects: Together with our customers, we design cooperative development processes to develop innovative solutions that meet specific requirements.

Detailed expert evaluation: Our experts provide detailed and documented evaluations that provide good grounds for future decisions.

Tests/Quality Management: We run test for each step of the process and document them carefully.

Test runs on E+K test machines: Upon request, we adapt existing machines to run tests and thus gain practical knowledge. Thanks to our high level of vertical integration, we can run realistic tests including relevant processes, even at short notice. We use both modern rapid prototyping as well as conventional manufacturing methods.


In cooperation with our customer, we select appropriate test concepts to obtain reliable and practical results according to project specifications and areas of application.

You benefit from our feasibility studies, especially for potentially high-risk projects with uncertainties related to execution. We would be happy to advise you on the possibilities for your project!

Our Products

Sorting and feeding

We produce efficient and gentle sorting and feeding technology at the highest level. We offer solutions for small as well as high quantities and even cater to the high-performance sector. With us, you receive not just the most advanced technologies, but also entire feeding systems – from a single source!


Centrifugal technology

Vibration technology

Special machines

Thanks to our specialization, flexibility, and experience, we can design and produce customized machines. Our feeding systems can be expanded to include additional functions, such as inspection, assembly, or other handling tasks.





For each of our products, there is additional equipment that can be provided upon request and is tailored to Your demands specifically.


Frequency control unit

Vibratory drives


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