Efficient Vibration Control with Our Frequency Drives

Our variable-frequency drives manage/handle vibratory drives with minimal wiring effort and mechanical adjustment of connected sorting devices. We offer various designs, among them stand-alones as well as drives that can be integrated directly into electrical cabinets.

Up to three vibratory drives can be connected to one control unit. There are numerous options to connect external peripherals via analog and digital in- and outputs. Thus, our frequency drives can easily be connected to programmable logic controllers (PLC). As they offer up to 8 memory locations for parameters of different formats and can be connected to a PLC via ProfiBus, our frequency drives offer maximum flexibility.

Areas of Application

Vibration technology relies on vibratory drives as well as control units. They are used in various areas, such as sorting bowls, linear conveyor rails, and vibrating tables.

Our control units offer efficient overall control, particularly for simple feeding systems with sorting pots, linear conveyor rails, as well as fill level and jam sensors. Not only can they be integrated easily into existing systems – various options are available to match Your requirements specifically. Due to their connectivity and the ability to store different parameters, frequency control units are indispensable tools to optimize vibration technologies in various industrial applications.

Sample Project: Packaging Line

Read about the development of an innovative and efficient feeding solution for packaging processes in food industry.

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