Customized solutions for reliable inspection processes

With E+K special machines for inspection solutions, we offer you customized answers to specific requirements that go beyond conventional standard solutions. From feeding and checking in different areas to complex inspections, our special machines guarantee precise inspection according to your unique requirements. Thanks to our high level of flexibility and technical expertise, we develop individual solutions for inspection processes as well as for storage, sorting and feeding.

Our inspection options include continuous and clocked processes. A wide range of quality criteria such as tightness, assembly process control and labeling can be comprehensively checked. Sophisticated sensor concepts are developed and implemented according to specific customer requirements and applications.

Areas of application for E+K special machines for inspection

Our solutions are used in a variety of areas where feeding and inspection are required. Objects from previous processing steps are transferred to inspection stars and inspected using various methods, such as imaging sensor technology. Our inspection solutions also perform well as part of a complex overall solution, such as a downstream process for aseptic assembly in o-RABS with a triple fail-safe mechanism and rejection of bad parts.

No matter what requirements you place on your inspection processes: With E+K special machines, we offer you customized solutions for your application.

Our services

We support you and your project throughout the entire project duration and beyond. We are on hand with help and advice before the project starts and during and after implementation. E+K sorting systems offers you services and solutions for every application.

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