E+K sorting and feeding systems with centrifugal technology

When planning feeding units in mechanical engineering, choosing the right technology is crucial. With its centrifugal technology, we offer a first-class solution when it comes to transporting, sorting and distributing difficult objects. E+K feeding systems are the answer to the challenges of modern industry and are even suitable for processing sensitive products, such as those found in the pharmaceutical and medical sectors.

Centrifugal technology is a proven method for the correct feeding of a wide variety of products. Our feeding units utilize technology based on centrifugal force to feed even complicated and bulky products gently and accurately to the downstream machine.

The advantages of our products with centrifugal technology at a glance:

  • High performance even with difficult objects.
  • Customized design and size depending on the object and performance requirements.
  • Fulfils GMP and pharmaceutical guidelines for the highest quality standards.
  • Gentle treatment of the items to be sorted thanks to the short time spent in the centrifuge.
  • Quick emptying of entangled objects possible.
  • Quick-change system for tool-free format changes.

Gentle and efficient sorting in the centrifuge

In several industries, the processing of bulky objects such as backstops and syringes places high demands on packaging machines. Centrifugal technology is particularly suitable for these cases, as the objects can be sorted and positioned correctly in the centrifuge simply by rotating them without damaging them. This process is essential for the further correct handling of the objects in the machine.

Discover our machine solutions based on centrifugal technology, which we can efficiently integrate into the manufacturing process of your system and thus fulfil even the most difficult requirements.

Project example centrifugal sorting system

Read about the challenges and our approach to developing a high-performance sorting solution for medical products.

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