An efficient feeding solution for packaging processes in the food industry

The food packaging industry evolves constantly and at a rapid rate. It is driven by the increasing demand for efficient and hygienic packaging solutions. This dynamic environment increasingly involves automation – it is crucial to meet the increasing demands for production speed, quality, and safety. Thus, efficiency is crucial. Read the story of how bakery products are fed and packed into a packaging line. This combines state-of-the-art technology and an innovative concept to successfully meet the industry’s requirements. This sample project shows how customized solutions increase efficiency and competitiveness without neglecting food safety and quality. Find out how we cooperated with our customer to find a solution that optimizes the efficiency and quality of their production processes.

The Machine

  • system for feeding of baked goods and plastic containers into a packaging line
  • 12 feeding stations for breadsticks (300 pieces per minute each
  • Each station consists of two feeding sections that order and separate baked goods along a linear track
  • 3 feeders for plastic cups (90 pieces per minute each)
  • Supplying plastic cups via a system including a sorting bowl

The Task:

Together with out customer, we already completed four identical systems in different room layouts. The high demand for the product prompted the end customer to order another production line. It quickly became apparent that we would once again become their reliable and efficient partner. As part of the packaging process, baked goods are fed into the packaging line, separated by a vibratory feeder, and transferred to a conveyor belt at a rate of over 300 pieces per minute. At the end of the line, several robots pick up the baked goods, place them in corresponding plastic cups and seal them.


The Challenge:

To develop this type of machine, we mainly were required to feed a sufficient number of breadsticks to enable an intelligent pick & place process and thus simplify the sorting process for plastic cups. The greatest difficulty, however, was to complete this big project in as short a time as possible. Feeding the plastic cups while reaching sufficient output was particularly challenging as the object required a different position than was ideal for the sorting bowl. To overcome these issues, we opted for an innovative solution strategy.


The Solution:

First, we analyzed the existing production processes and optimized potential feeding options. We then developed the 5th model of a customized machine that matches our customer's requirements specifically. Thanks to our high added value and new production processes, we optimized production by minimizing process times.
We developed a special sorting unit that can quickly and precisely feed plastic cups into the packaging line.

The Result

The result is an intelligent feeding system featuring state-of-the-art technology. The feeding system for baked goods and packaging has since proven to be a real success for our customer. Thanks to its innovative design and state-of-the-art technology, the packaging line is highly efficient and meets production targets efficiently while reducing the costs.
In addition, the feed for bakery products and packaging is extremely reliable and low maintenance, resulting in a significant improvement concerning the production line’s overall efficiency. Our customer is extremely satisfied with the result. We are delighted with this successful project. It was completed successfully thanks to our experience, technical proficiency and, last but not least, our customer’s cooperation!

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